Turkey in a Bucket

This is a fun experiment to try in a "residential" camp setting! Thanks very much to Kathy Stephan, who e-mailed me this recipe! I have cooked a turkey using a similar method and let me tell you, it's delicious!

This is a meal which will feed your whole unit!

For the Bucket Oven, you will need:

Ingredients: Directions: Get fire started in fire ring, allow charcoal to get red hot, about 30 min. Clean and season bird. When coals are hot, take shovel and move coals to one side. Spread aluminium foil on the hot ground. Pound stake into ground about 6". Take about 18" of foil and crush into a ball around top of stake in shape of ball. Put turkey on stake, legs down ( ball of foil in body cavity will support bird). Put bucket over turkey , be sure no part of bird touches bucket. Shovel coals around the bucket piling around sides as high as they will go. Place another 12" piece of foil on top of the bucket. Shovel about a dozen coals on top of the bucket. Add about a dozen pieces of charcoal every 30 minutes. Cook for about 1 to 2 hours depending on size of bird. (An 11 lb. turkey takes about 1 hrs., a 16 lb. turkey takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to 2 hrs. Remove coals and take bucket off. Turkey will be golden brown. Using hot pads, pull turkey off stake and place on platter.

* If you prefer to do a chicken: prepare the same way but a chicken only takes 1 hr. to 1 hours 10 min. ** Pie can be baked this way too: Put pie on 3 stakes set in ground in triangle , cover with bucket and bake 45 min.

NOTE: When I have cooked a turkey using this method, I have placed a clean metal garbage can over the whole turkey-and-bucket setup. This acts as a second heat reflector.

ANOTHER NOTE: Paula Koehler recently wrote to me to describe another variation on this recipe:
"We used a wire tomato cage to hold our 16 lb. turkey. Invert the cage so that the large circle is on the ground and
the points, which would normally be placed in the ground, are now placed into the turkey cavity. You may have to trim the cage to fit into your can."

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