Streets and Alleys

Many thanks to Jenneth Curtis, who posted this game on the Guide Mailing List!

The girls line up in several rows with an equal number of girls in each row (as close as possible), standing just far enough apart that their hands touch when they hold their hands out straight; they do this to form "streets" that are between the lines. Pick one girl to be the "cat" (it) and one the "mouse". The cat chases the mouse through the streets trying to catch them. Meanwhile a leader calls out "alleys" and the girls in the lines do a quarter turn to make "alleys" that run at right angles to where the streets were before. the cat and mouse continue chasing but must change directions to follow the alleys as they must not go through any of the girls arms. call out "streets" to turn back. Continue chasing and switching streets/alleys until the mouse gets caught and then pick someone else to be the cat and mouse.

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