Thanks very much to Becky Probst for posting this game to the WAGGGS-L Mailing List!

One person is "it". All of the other people line up opposite it (line up like Red Rover). "It" calls each person over one by one. The person coming over must not smile or laugh, but remain completely sombre & serious. If the person coming over laughs or smiles, they must return to the line. This continues until there is at least one (usually more than one) that cannot make it across without laughing. Then the laughers proceed to do any number of things to make the other girls laugh, but they must do it Quietly! No talking, just pantomime, silly dancing, etc. The sombre girls try to hold out as long as possible. If there is one that makes it, she starts the game anew.

Paula Barnett also sent in this variation:

Instead of "it" being on one side with a line of girls across from her, we split the group into two equal lines facing each other about 3-4 feet apart. Taking turns from one line to the next, one girl walks down the center of the aisle trying not to laugh. She must walk slowly looking straight ahead and her eyes must remain open. She may not smile or laugh.

The girls in the opposing line, tries to make her laugh. They may do anything they'd like as long as they don't make any noise and their feet don't leave the ground. If she succeeds in reaching the end of the line without laughing, she rejoins the end of her line. If she laughs, she joins the end of the opposing line.

The game continues until all the girls are in one line.

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