Newspaper Game

Many thanks to Sandra O'Keefe who posted this game to the Guide Mailing List!

Materials: One newspaper per patrol / group. All newspapers must be the same

Number of Players: Any number (approx. 6 - 8 per group)

To Play: Before the meeting: Guider should get one newspaper per patrol, all of which must be the same. Then go through the newspaper and pick out items you could ask questions on. You need about 20 questions. All answers must be in the newspaper. Questions should not be in the order of the newspaper i.e. question 1 on page 1, question 2 on page 2 etc. Answers can be found in classified advertisements, captions under photos, headlines, advertisements, TV listings, sports results etc. Some should require reading an article. Questions should vary in level of difficulty.

At the meeting: Give each patrol a newspaper and a set of questions. Set a time limit OR continue until one group says "finished" OR time each patrol. Go through the questions and answers , giving 1 point per correct one.

COMMENTS: Good for team-work - the group only has 1 newspaper Good for leadership - someone must come up with a plan of how to complete the task For some it is the only time they use / read a newspaper! Questions can be set to suit various age groups.


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