Rescue From the Sea

In this game, the players have specific roles to perform, and they are as follows: a blindfolded swimmer, a brave rescuer, two buoys bobbing upon the sea, two hidden rocks below the sea and a floating jelly fish. The rest of the participants form two lines (jagged seaside cliffs).

The two lines of players face each other and are about 8 feet apart. The swimmer stands at one end of the lines, the rescuer at the other. The obstacles can be placed anywhere between the two lines. The two lines make the sounds of a stormy sea. The buoys will clang, the rocks make the sound of pounding waves and the jellyfish is silent. The rescuer standing on the shore gives directions to the swimmer as he/she tries to make their way through the sea. Because of all the other noises, the rescuer has to be loud and clear in his instructions and the swimmer must listen. If the swimmer hits an obstacle, he/she must return to the starting position and try again. Once he/she has completed the course successfully, both rescuer and swimmer are replaced by others and the game is repeated.


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