Human Juggler

Materials Required: a number of balls, preferably of different sizes.

To Play: Arrange your group in a circle. The goal of the game is to be able to pass a series of balls around the circle in a pattern without dropping any of them! Start with one ball. The leader takes the ball, calls the name of another player somewhere else in the circle, and tosses the ball to them. This player then calls the name of a second player, and tosses the ball to them. This pattern repeats until everyone in the circle has received the ball once and the ball has made its way back to the leader. It is important that everyone remembers who they tossed the ball to.

Practice tossing the ball around the circle in the established pattern until everyone is comfortable with this stage. Then you can introduce a second ball, then a third, then a fourth... and see how many balls the group can manage at one time!

Safety tip: If anyone drops a ball in the sequence, all the players need to be paying attention and grab the other balls and stop the play. This will help prevent mass chaos. Once the dropped ball has been retrieved, play can resume.

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