Traffic Jam

I learned this game while I was doing my "Tribes" training with the York Region District School Board.

The players get into pairs. One player stands behind the other, with the rear person's hands resting lightly on the shoulders of the person in front. Tell each pair that they are a car (the front person) and driver (the rear person). You may wish to blindfold the cars if you like, otherwise, instruct the cars that they are to keep their eyes closed during the exercise.

In a smallish, pre-determined area (we used a classroom free of desks to do this in), have the cars and drivers practice driving around without running into other pairs. The cars and drivers will have to work out a system of communicating how the car is to move, since the cars can't move without instructions from their drivers. For example, the pairs could decide that the cars will be steered by gentle pressure on the appropriate shoulder for a turn, for pushing on both shoulders for forward, etc.

Once the cars and drivers are comfortable moving around, give two of the cars a roll of masking tape (or a Frisbee or another round object). The roll of tape is held in the hands of the car person, to represent a steering wheel. These car/driver pairs are now "aggressive drivers". Their task is to try and run down another car/driver pair by tagging them with the roll of tape. Of course, the other car/driver pairs now have to try and avoid the aggressive drivers! If the aggressive drivers manage to tag another car/driver pair, they hand off the masking tape and become ordinary drivers again. The new aggressive pair then take their turn trying to tag other pairs.

Be sure to switch up the partners and ensure that everyone has a chance to be both the car and the driver!

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