Ping, Buzz, Ring

Thanks very much to Ralph Oborn, who sent me this game!

Sit the players in a circle.  The goal is to count as a group, starting from 1 and going up towards 100, with each person in turn supplying the next number in the sequence. The trick is that instead of saying any number with a "3" or a multiple of "3" in it, you say "ping". So for example, the count starts off sound like this:

Person 1: 1
Person 2: 2
Person 3: ping
Person 4: 4
Person 5: 5
Person 6: ping
Person 7: 7
Person 8: 8
Person 9: ping
Person 10: 10
Person 11: 11
Person 12: ping
Person 13: ping
Person 14: 14

If someone goofs, the count starts over. Continue until the group reaches 100 successfully.  Alternatively, this can be played as an elimination game, with people leaving the circle if they make a mistake. If the group gets really good, add "buzz" for 5's and "ring" for 7's. In this case, some numbers get really complicated to say (e.g., 35 would be  "ping buzz ring")!

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