Bazooka Joe

This game is a variation of a game found in the book "Teamwork and Teamplay" by Michael Branwein.

Materials: “Bazooka” (a 4-foot long piece of 6-inch PVC pipe with holes drilled all along its length - this tube sits upright on a secure wooden base), rubber duck, 10-20 plastic cups, 4 buckets or other containers full of water

Number of Players: at least 5, no more than 15

The rubber duckie, Joe, has come trapped inside the tube!  In order to free him, he needs to be floated back to the top of the tube.  As a team, figure out how to fill the tube with water in order to free the duck.

CAUTION: Girls will likely get wet during this activity – monitor closely!

Variations: use different types of containers to transport water; offer 2 inches of duct tape (especially for a smaller group); put water tube in water (pool, lake or river) or modify like we have for indoor use; ask a participants to change positions from hole coverer to water transporter.

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