Marble Tracks

This is a variation of a game found in the book "Teamwork and Teamplay" by Michael Branwein.

Materials: Numerous 2.5 foot long pieces of 1-inch PVC piping cut lengthwise into tracks (1 for each participant), several colours of tape for marking the ends, marbles. (Cardboard tubes cut lengthwise can also be used for the tracks, but the PVC piping is much more durable)

The goal is for the group to successfully pass the marble (or bouncy ball) around the circle on the tracks provided, without physically touching the marble themselves.  If the marble falls off the track, it needs to start again at the beginning.  Once the group has mastered the art of marble-passing, try passing the marble around again – but this time the coloured ends of each track piece need to be matched up in order for a ‘fair’ pass.

Use smaller marbles for younger girls, and larger marbles and balls for older girls.

Variations: Easy: allow participants to hold ends of two tubes together; harder: only allowed to hold individual tube in the middle; make group organize according to coloured tape; use different sized marbles/balls; pass water down tubes; pass marble up a flight of stairs.

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