Cooperative Spelling Games

WOW! Thanks so much to Wendy Baker, who shared this great idea with the Guiding Mailing List!

These games are suitable for Pathfinders, Senior branches and adults.


2 sets of cards in 2 colours of Bristol board approximately 25 cm by 28 cm. Each card has letter on each side: M and D, O and E, F and G, A and N, T and I, S and R

You need 2 teams of 6, plus an observer. Narrator reads the story. When she comes to a capitalized word the tem members, using their cards, move into position to spell the words. The first team to spell the word correctly scores a point.

An Earth spelling Story
(from the Earth Challenge Trainers' Manual)

On a certain DATE a Guider went FOR a geology walk with Guides of all AGES. She told them if they were good they would soon get IN TEAMS and play GAMES. But right now she had some work to do in the DIRT. Since she forgot to tell them that they mustn't ROAM, the Sparks went for walk until it was time to EAT. The Pathfinders went too but did NOT close the GATES and the GOATS GOT out and chased the Geologist's DOG. Then the Geologist SAID they would need a FORM signed if they wanted to dig up metamorphic rocks. The Guider paid a FINE when it was discovered they had picked up sedimentary rocks instead of volcanic ones. It was GRIM and the hike seemed FATED to END badly, but the Guider let off some STEAM by petting TOAD and then she got her IDEAS together and remembered the AIMS of Guiding. No one showed any FEAR of a landslide as they continued the hike up a mountain. At the END of the day the Guider's best FRIEND showed up saying they had a DATE to look at soil samples. All the Brownies began to GRIN. Then everyone SAT in a RING on the SOD to SING grace.

The Seed is Sown
(Liberally taken from "The First 50 Years" By Alix Liddell - Marg Harper)

The place is Great Britain, the DATE is 4th of September, 1909.

The rain is streaming down on the eleven thousand boys who have come FROM all over the country and are now passing through the GATES of Crystal Palace to join in the first Boy Scout Rally.

They know they will FIND their hero, Chief General Sir Robert Baden-Powell. They STAGE a march past the saluting base and the Chief Scout, is pleased and proud that so many have answered his call to meet him here in London. His GRIN, however, soon turns to astonishment, for right at the end of the march past comes a little party of girls. They are, for the MOST part dressed the SAME as the boys. Only their long serge skirts distinguish them. They ARE wearing Scout hats and neckerchiefs, khaki shirts and leather belts. Hung on each were haversacks, billycans, knives and everything else that might possibly be needed in a sudden emergency.

B.P. knew that girls had taken up Scouting, but he had not encouraged the TREND. He thought, quite rightly, that most Edwardian parents would be horrified to FIND their daughters engaged in the activities he had suggested in his book, Scouting for Boys, published year AGO. The scouting Movement, he felt, would become ridiculous in the eyes of the public if girls were encouraged to ROAM the countryside, climbing over GATES, and playing GAMES with poles and wide brimmed hats. He would be accused of "turning FINE girls into tomboys". AND obviously no tomboys could FIND a suitable husband.

The girls seemed FATED to sty. They would NOT be discouraged by the jeers of their brothers and the raised eyebrows of their uncles and aunts. Not even B.P.'s own coolness would have them TRADE this "jolly GAME" for more ladylike pursuits.

Something would have to be done. This TREND could not continue. Within the year, there appeared: Pamphlet and pamphlet B. Pamphlet B was SIGNED jointly by Agnes Baden-Powell and her brother.

The opening paragraph went:

Girls! Imagine that a battle has taken place in and around your town or village. are you going to sit down and wring your hands and cry or are you going to be plucky and go out and do something?

The girls were urged to practice stalking, tracking, signaling, first aid, FIRE lighting and cooking, and to learn foreign languages.

While many did not wish to TRADE their FORM of scouting for Girl Guides, most were registered by 1910 when the Girl Guide Association was formed.

Guides ever since, have been able to FIND a FRIEND, ROAM the woods, investigate GOATS and TOADS, DINE outdoors, FORM a RING around a FIRE and SING.

World Centres Trivia Spelling Game

You need the following cards for the world centers game:

E and N, H and R, X and E, B and S, E and D, L and A, T and A, R and O, A and V, O and M, C and K, G and U, P and S

These letters will spell: Our Ark, Our Chalet, Our Cabana, Olave House, Sangam, Pax Lodge

Here are the questions/statements with the answers:

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