Extension Cord

I learned this game from my friend Shane Kramer, while I was working at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area.

Equipment: 2 pylons or markers

Have the group stand in a straight line.  Place one pylon at each end of the line, just a little beyond the reach of the last person at each end of the line.  Instruct the group to hold hands, and then stretch to connect their line to each of the pylons.

Easy, you say?  Now move the pylons further away from each end of the group, and instruct them to stretch to touch each pylon but to stay connected.  This should be an easy stretch if everyone still just holds hands.

Move the pylons further away again, requiring some members of the group to lay down or connect themselves to their team-mates in other ways in order to be able to reach both pylons.

Other variations:

Only one player can talk/give the group instructions
Only two of the connections can be hand to hand
Every connection must be different (e.g. hand to hand, hand to foot, knee to elbow, whatever)

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