Thanks very much to Wendy Baker, who posted this game to the Guiding Mailing List!

Two teams line up, facing each other, and chanting:

        Team A: Where do you come from? 
     Team B: London Town... or whatever exotic place you want to make up (different each time). 
        Team A: What is your trade? (occupation) 
        Team B: Lemonade (always this reply) 
        Team A: Show us then, if you're not afraid. 

At this point Team B moves up and begins to mime a trade or activity (the team has previously "huddled" for a minute to choose a trade). Members of Team A call out when they think they understand the mime. When the trade is identified, Team B tries to run back to the home base before Team A tags any of Team B's members. Those who are caught must join Team A. In the next round, reverse roles with Team B starting the chant and Team A doing the mime.


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