Bat and Moth

I learned this game during my time at the Barrier Island Environmental Education Center.

The purpose of this game is to learn a little bit about how animals like bats use echolocation to find their prey.

The campers stand in a circle, holding hands.  Select one camper to be the bat (predator), and another to be the moth (prey).  The bat and moth stand inside the circle, and the bat is blindfolded.  The object is for the bat to find and tag (eat) the moth, however, the bat cannot see where it is going!  Instead, it uses “echolocation” to find its food.  Tell the campers that the bat emits high-pitched sounds, which bounce off surrounding objects, and give the bat a picture of its surroundings – including where dinner is!  To simulate echolocation, the bat claps.  Every time the bat claps, the moth must clap back within two seconds.  Both bat and moth must stay inside the circle of campers, and the circle must remain quiet in order for the bat to be able to hear.  After playing a few rounds of the game, it will become quite evident that some of your moths are very tricky!  Discuss with the campers some strategies they think moths might really use to escape a hungry bat.

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