Thanks very much to Robin Tolbert, a Jr. Leader and Council Trainer with the Freedom Valley GSC, PA, who e-mailed me this game!

If you have enough time (this can take awhile), this is an activity that could set everyone up to "network" over the summer:

Give each person a sheet of newsprint/flip-chart paper and a marker. Ask them to write, on the top half of the paper, three things they are good at (craft skill, people skill, hobby, ...). Then have them draw a line to split the page and write three things they would like to learn more about or need help with. Then everyone mills around reading others' lists and 1 - signs up (with name/phone#) to teach/help others items on the bottom half of their list or 2 - signs up (with name/phone#) asking to learn about items on the top half of their list.

Everyone takes their own paper home with the promise to try to reach out over the summer.

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