Toe Bash

Many thanks to my friend Katherine Lariviere from Ottawa Area who sent me this game!

Everyone sits in a circle, with their legs out towards the centre. One person is designated to start in the middle. The person in the middle is given a rolled-up newspaper or any other harmless "basher". A name is called to start the game, usually by the leader, or a designated person. The toe-basher must then hit the person who's name has been called, before this person calls a new name. This recently named person must then name another person, and so on, until the toe-basher succeeds in hitting someone's feet before they can call someone else's name. Then the two switch places. The person who was in the middle must call out a name before sitting down again, or they can be "bashed" by the new person in the middle. And the game continues. If the name of the person in the middle is called, the person who called it must take his place.

The game can last up to half an hour, depending on the group size and dynamics... but can be stopped at any time.

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