All you need for this game is a bean bag. Gather all the girls together in a standing circle, close enough that everyone touches elbows. Pick someone to stand in the centre of the circle with the bean bag. This girl then throws the bean bag up into the air and calls out someone's name. Everyone scatters as far and as fast as they can, except the girl whose name has been called: she grabs the bean bag. Once she has the bag, she yells "Freeze!" and everyone freezes in their tracks. The girl with the bean bag then picks someone to be her "target". She is allowed to take as many steps toward her target as there are letters in the target's name, spelling the target's name as she goes (don't worry too much about misspellings). Once she has taken as many steps as she is allowed, she throws the bean bag at her target. If she hits her intended target, that girl picks up a letter "S". This girl then becomes the next to stand in the centre of the circle and toss the bag up in the air. The game continues until someone has accumulated enough letters to spell the word "SPUD".

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