Switching Hats

You will need a hat or headband for every player, paper, and markers. This game works best when adapted to a theme, and at an event with at least 20-30 people. I will describe how we played it at a Pathfinder Spring Break Camp, which is an annual Pathfinder event held in the Ottawa Area. The theme for this camp was "cartoons". On each hat or headband, attach a name tag with the name of one of the participants and the name of a cartoon character. Hand the hats out randomly to all the participants. The first thing that everyone has to do is find their own hat! Once a girl finds her own hat, the next thing she must do is find other cartoon characters (in this case) who belong to her group. For example, we had Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Ren and Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain, the whole Simpson family, etc. etc. Once all the members of a cartoon group have been found, the group should sit down together and introduce themselves!

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