Thanks to Katherine Town who submitted this game to the Guide Mailing List!

Everyone gets a chair and sits in a circle. The Guider has a list of items she reads out. If any of them apply to you, you move the appropriate number of seats clockwise.


        1. Anyone with one brother, move one seat clockwise. If you have two brothers, move two seats.
        2. Anyone with black hair, move one seat clockwise.
        3. Anyone who is a Spark, or has been a Spark, move two seats clockwise.
        4. Anyone who lives in _____ Area move one seat clockwise.
        5. Anyone over the age of 21, move one seat counter clockwise.
        6. Everyone wearing brown shoes, move one seat.
        7. Everyone in Guides, move one seat.

The idea is to move all around the circle, and end up back where you started. It becomes fun because if you move, but your neighbour doesn't, you sit on her lap! Sometimes, you can have three people occupying the same chair!! Make sure you have lots of categories so that everyone gets lots of chances to move, e.g. all Branches of Guiding, all hair colours (at different times, of course), and so on.

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