Zip Zap

I learned this game while I was doing my "Tribes" training with the York Region District School Board.

Everyone stands in a circle. The leader explains to the group that she will be passing around some electric energy. The players may not hold the electricity for more than two seconds or they'll get burnt! The electricity can be passed by either "zipping" (pointing to a neighbor directly beside you in the circle) or "zapping" (pointing to a neighbor elsewhere in the circle). The goal of the game is to get the energy "zipping" and "zapping" around the circle as fast as possible.

To add challenge to the game, players who "zip" when they should have "zapped" (or vice versa), or players who pause for more than two seconds before passing the electricity on, are "out" and must sit out of the game until the end of the round to recharge their batteries.

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