Human Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Bev Spillane, who posted this game to the Guiding Mailing List.

Group Size: 12 or more (more is better!)

Break the large group into smaller groups of about six to twelve people each. Have each group stand or sit together in a place that is separate from the other groups but of equal distance from you - the leader who stands in the middle of the room.

Read one item from the list at a time. The team who sends up a person or group of people to you first that fits the description you have just given earns a point. For example, you might say "two people who have the same middle name" and within each group the members must talk, find out if any two have the same middle name, and then quickly send those people up to you.

The first group of people with the same middle name to reach you earns a point for their team. You may give a bonus point for different items if it applies - for instance, if a group has three people with the same middle name they may earn a point for this round even if they were not the first to get to you. The group with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Human Scavenger Hunt List:

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