Dizzy Dance

Many thanks to Margaret Kieser for posting this game to the Guide Mailing List!

Divide the girls into their patrols and then line them up (lines spaced about 2 arm's widths away) facing a position 6 metres away. In front of each line (at the 6m position), make a mark on the ground (chalk or drawn on the ground).

When a whistle is blown, the first girl in each line must run as fast as she can to the mark on the ground, and keeping her index finger on the mark, turn around 15 times. After this, she must run back (if she can!!) to her line and touch the hand of the next person, who then does the same.

The first team to get all their girls back is the winner.

This game makes you EXTREMELY dizzy, so make sure there is enough room to move around in! All the Guiders who played this ended up on the floor in a heap! This is a very good ice-breaker, as well as a stomach muscle exerciser (from all the laughing).

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