Mexican Traffic Police

Thanks very much to Shelagh Walsh, who posted this game to the Guiding Mailing List!

Divide the girls into teams.  Each team is given the same number of beans, so that each girl has 2 or 3 beans, depending on how many girls per team.  The girls run in every direction, pretending to be cars, buses, trucks, horses, donkey carts, fire engines, etc.  Feel free to yell out Spanish words!  (Ole! Adios!  Burrito!  La Cucaracha!) The traffic in Mexico City is very busy & very noisy.  One girl (or Guider) is the Traffic Police Officer.  When the Police Officer holds up her hand, all the traffic must stop.  Any vehicle that is caught moving must pay a fine of 1 bean.  At the end of the game, the teams count their beans & the team with the most beans is the winner.

Tips - It helps to get the girls into the spirit if the Guider makes lots of traffic noise. The traffic police officer can catch more girls off guard if she varies the length of time the traffic is allowed to move.  A sudden stop will catch more vehicles!

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