Chocolate Bar Game

Play this game after you've taught the girls a specific knot, for example, the sheepshank.

Equipment needed: apron, placemat, knife and fork, oven mitts and wrapped (many times with newspaper over and over again) a chocolate bar, and one dice.

Game: Put all the equipment in the centre of a circle. The girls are sitting around the equipment in a circle. The dice is passed around and everyone has a turn at throwing a 1. When you throw a 1 you get the rope and start tying the knot, meanwhile, the others are still throwing the dice. If you tie the knot successfully before someone else throws a 1 then you get to put on the oven mitts, your apron, put the chocolate bar on the placemat pick up the knife and fork and try to get into the chocolate bar. However once someone else has successfully tied the knot you have to hand over the equipment and become part of the circle again.

Once the chocolate bar is opened, make the girls share it!

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