The Stick Game

Thanks very much to Gwen Chapman, who e-mailed me this game!

The leader starts out with the following line: "I can play the stick game, you can play the stick game."

Take two sticks (chopsticks are great! You can also use sticks from the woods...etc.) On a table or floor, or chair, tap to the verse. One stick in each hand is as follows: tap tap tap tap tap tap, (cross the sticks) and tap, (uncross the sticks) tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

The next person in the circle then takes the sticks and tries to copy the action and rhyme of the leader. The leader will tell her whether or not she did it right.

SECRET: It's NOT how you really tap the sticks, the secret is to say "K" as in "okay" before you say the rhyme. So actually what you are saying is. "Are you ready? 'K'. I can play the stick game, you can play the stick game." Don't make the "K" part really loud and clear... just stick it in there.

The girls will think it's how the sticks are tapped on the table. If they don't say "K" before the words it isn't right! When the group is TOTALLY confused, tap the sticks any old way... and just remember to say "K" before you say the words.

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