The girls sit in a circle on the floor. The leader of the game starts by saying "I have started up this great new club. And I'd like you all to join. But in order to join, you have to do EXACTLY as I do." She then says the following and does the following actions:

words: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, OOPS, Johnny, OOPS, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.

actions: hold up left hand with fingers and thumb spread. Starting at the baby finger, for each "Johnny" touch the tip of each finger on the left hand with a finger from the right hand. First OOPS: Slide right pointer finger down along the side of the left pointer finger and up the side of the thumb. The next "Johnny", touch the tip of the left thumb. Second OOPS: reverse the action of the first OOPS. The last four "Johnny's" reverse the actions of the first four. You should end up at the baby finger of the left hand again.

SECRET ACTION: After the "Johnny, Johnny, OOPS" actions are over, clasp your hands together and put them in your lap, but don't make it obvious.

The girls then all get a chance to try out the actions for themselves. It doesn't matter how badly they mess up the "Johnny, Johnny, OOPS" part - as long as they fold their hands into their laps at the end they can enter the club. Most girls totally miss this action, though - they are concentrating on the first part. Run the actions around the circle a couple of times, each time demonstrating once more how EXACTLY to do it. By three or four times around the circle, most girls should catch on!

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