Materials: the leader should have a whistle, as well as each pair of girls.

To Play: It is best for this game to make sure all the players have a buddy, especially when playing in an unfamiliar area. Send one pair of girls out to hide, while the rest count to 50. Then the pairs must hunt around to find the ones who are hiding. When a pair comes across the hidden girls, they hide right along with them. Once again, there is the possibility of ending up with ten to twenty people all hiding in the same place! When you are down to one pair of girls who are still looking for everyone else, blow the whistle to call everyone back in. The first pair who found the hidden couple are the next ones to hide. I find that for this game, as well as "Burning Bridges", the girls like having whistles too. That way if they do manage to wander quite far from the main play area, they can blow the whistle and the leaders can find them again.

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