The Spider's Web


Set-up: Take the rope and string it between the trees as a gigantic spider's web. Web should be about 6-8 feet long and at least 5ft high. Leave lots of holes, but don't make them too big! To add an extra bit of challenge, string bells along the web.

The Challenge: As a team, the girls have to get from one side of the web through to the other. No one may touch the web (this is why bells are great!) Use the flashlight to illuminate the web if it's in a very dark place along your trail. This is the ONLY station where a flashlight really is required. It doesn't matter how long it takes everyone to get through, although you may want to impose a time limit if you know another team will be heading your way shortly. Variations on this include: (a) each girl must use a different hole in the web, (b) set a time limit after which a "spider" would appear and "eat" the remaining girls, (c) team must cross from one side to the other and back again.

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