More Night Manoeuvres Station Ideas

Thanks very much to Tracie, who posted these ideas to the Guiding Mailing List. Calgary Area has run a "Night Trek" several times, with the setup very similar to what I've described for Night Manoeuvres. Here are some of their cool station ideas:

1) Shaving cream on a balloon - try to shave neighbour's balloon with disposable razor without breaking balloon.

2) Glowing objects - Throw an object to another team-mate and call out their name. More objects thrown in over time to spice up the activity.

3) Paint a happy face on your partners cheek with glow in the dark face paint while blindfolded.

4) Tennis ball in leg pantyhose, tucked into girls waist band. Swing ball using body movement (no hands) and knock milk jugs across finish line (glow sticks in 1L milk jugs).

5) Team cross country skiing - long boards with numerous rope loops. Whole team on one pair of skis.

6) All girls tied together. Retrieve all the glow objects around area. Each time they find one they have to make the same animal noise but a different one for each object.

7) Throw ping pong balls with glow elastic wrapped around into bucket. 30 seconds to get as many in as possible.

8) Nocturnal animals - 2 felt pictures; one night scene, one day scene. Names of animals on strips of felt. Put names of animals on night picture if nocturnal, on day picture if not.

9) Whose Line is it Anyway - improv with Guiding scenarios.

10) Yodeling competition.

11) Play Pictionary.

12) Relay race - Carry baseball bat to far end, put one end on ground, forehead on other end and run around 2 times- return to start and pass bat to next team-mate.

13) Pull a word or phrase from a hat and sing a Guiding song containing that word or phrase.

14) Chew a piece of toffee until soft, stick it to the roof of your mouth and sing "Mary had a little lamb".

15) Two pictures; Mountain scene and Prairie scene, names of mountain and prairie plants on strips. Place plant name on either the mountain or prairie picture.

16) Large wooden circle, smaller circles around. Each girl stands on a small circle, remove circles one by one. Girls must stand on large circle, cooperate to get everyone on large circle without falling off.

17) Each girl wears a head band with a wire on the back. Place marshmallow on wire, stand in circle, try to eat marshmallow of girl in front (no hands) while she is trying to eat one in front of her, etc.

18) Two girls pull other team-mates on a travois.

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