Summer Survival Game

Each group of girls should be carrying, minimum, one first aid kit, one survival kit, drinking water, matches, fire starters, a bit of gadget string, and a tarp.

And here are the stations...

Thanks very much to Paula, who, after reading through my games, e-mailed me with suggested solutions for all of the situations for the Summer Survival Game. I've added the solutions after each station.


Entrance to the Game

Welcome to the Summer Edition of the Survival Game! Are you ready? Stay together and follow the trail, and be prepared for anything...


Station One: Lost!

It started out as a great day hike: blue skies, birds singing. However you were so enchanted by the wonders of nature that you somehow lost the trail! You decide to keep walking... it is late afternoon now and dark clouds are rapidly covering the sky! Continue down the marked trail and look for items that you think might come in handy...

Solution: The girls should be looking for useful items: birch bark, small twigs, other fire starting material. They could also possibly look for methods to mark their trail so that rescuers could follow them.


Station Two: An Injury!

One of your friends trips, falls and sprains her ankle. But this is NOT a good place to stop... you're surrounded by poison ivy! So now what do you do? After you have dealt with this situation, continue down the trail.

Solution: Carry the injured girl to a suitable place to administer first aid. Then the girls could administer the proper first aid for a sprain and assist her in hobbling down the rest of the trail (or carry her).


Station Three: A Bear!

Suddenly, something large growls at you and crashes off through the bush. One of your friends is afraid it's a bear and freaks out... even tries to run away! What do you do? after you have dealt with this situation, keep your team together and move on.

Solution: Girls should lie down on their bellies and cover their faces, i.e. play dead. If they are carrying food in their daypacks, they should take them off and toss them away from themselves. Try to keep the panicky girl calm. As an option, you could have a leader act as a bear and take the daypacks with smelly food items. This would force the girls to use their survival kits, which should be on their person.


Station Four: I'm Hungry!

You have been walking for a very long time... several hours at least. There's no end to the forest in sight. The girl with the sprained ankle needs a rest. In your survival kit there is candy. Should you eat it now? You're soooo hungry... once the team has made a decision, continue down the trail.

Solution: Stop and rest, drink some water. Save the food.


Station Five: Shelter?

The girl who heard the bear sees a snake on the path, screams and faints! What do you do? Once she wakes up, she feels very sick. It is now almost night; the clouds are very dark, the wind is picking up. Perhaps you should make a shelter here!

Set up a shelter and care for your sick and injured friends. If you think a fire would be good, you may build one but do not light it (unless leaders have already given you permission)! Do not move from this spot until the leaders give you permission!

Solution: Treat the ill girl for shock: elevate legs, cover with a blanket, monitor airway. The other girls could build a lean-to, and a fire (but don't light it).

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