The Rainbow of Guiding

This poem was posted to the Guiding Mailing List by my friend and former co-Guider, Leslie Bown. It was written by two of the girls in her Pathfinder Unit... and since I used to work with them, they're still somehow "my" girls too! The Pathfinders wrote this poem specially for the Northwood District Advancement Ceremony, and it was read for the first time during that ceremony. I wish I could have been there!

The authors of the poem have given me permission to post it here for the rest of the Guiding world to use. Thanks!

The Rainbow of Guiding

A rainbow is beautiful in many ways.
It's the beauty after the rainstorm, the harmony of the sun and rain.
The colours represent many things; unity, joy, peace, and change,
Much like the colours in Guiding.
From the softness of the pink, to the boldness of the blue,
We too, like the rainbow,
Share these attributes in the sisterhood of Guiding.
The pink Sparks, the first beam of Guiding, promise to share and be a friend.
The Brownies represented by orange,
Add to their knowledge from being a Spark, and learn to lend a hand.
The Guides, dressed in blue,
Learn to be prepared.
The Pathfinders, dressed in green,
Learn from their experiences, and become prepared for any situation that arises.
Red, yellow and blue, the primary colours of the rainbow, are those of the Senior Branches;
Who like the other levels of Guiding apply their knowledge to their home, community and themselves.
The Guiders take their successes and failures,
And with that wisdom, teach other sisters of Guiding to be all they can be.
As each colour of the rainbow increases its beauty,
Each person makes the family of Guiding more beautiful.

Written by: Sara H. and Malinda H., 31st Orleans Pathfinders, for the Northwood District Advancement, May 20, 1998.

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