Great Thank-You Ideas

It is very important that we continually recognize the priceless, tireless work of our adult volunteers. Praise for one's work is one of the most positive, motivating forces known. I have known too many women who have left Guiding or other volunteer organizations because they felt they weren't appreciated. With that in mind, here are a few ideas you can try at your next thank-you opportunity.

Pause and Reflect
Thank-You Poem
Survival Kit for Camp Leaders
Survival Kit for District Commissioners
Survival Kit for New Guiders


Many thanks to Lori Purvis for posting this to the Guide Mailing List and therefore officially kick-starting this page. Here are some great ideas for low-cost thank-you gifts for the many dedicated parents and other helpers without whom most of our Guide units would never function:

Tooth Pick:
Thanks, you really stimulated the group today.
Thanks for your input, sorry I was so picky.
We'd be really stuck without you.
You have a knack for getting at the little bits.
Thank you for stimulating this meeting.

Toilet Roll:
Thank you for helping clean up a messy situation.
With your help we're really on a roll.
Thanks, we can always count on you to get the paper work done.
We value your role on our committees.

Salad dressing:
You really dressed up the occasion.
You're the cream of the crop.
Thank you for addressing the idea.
You've tossed out some good ideas.
Things would be pretty plain without you.

Mints or Certs:
Thanks, you are a breath of fresh air.
Your ideas take my breath away.

Note Cards:
That was a truly "noteworthy" achievement.

Small Gillette Shaving Foam:
You've helped us smooth over the rough edges, thanks.

Thanks for your continued support.
I know this job has been a real headache.

Small Staticguard:
Since you've joined our committee the static is gone.

You've really added energy to our group.
Thanks for charging us up.

Glosette Raisins:
Thanks for raisin the tough issues.

Tea Canister:
Since you've joined our team, things are really brewing.

No one holds a candle to you.
Thanks for your leadership.

Wine Glass:
A toast to a job well done! Thanks!

Ovation Chocolates:
You deserve a standing ovation; take a bow.

Jelly Bears or Graham Bears:
Our thanks to you bears repeating.

Grapes or Bananas:
Thanks a bunch!

We can lick any problem with your help. Thanks!

Small Bottle of Scope:
Please don't leave with a bad taste.
Thanks for your involvement.

Pkg. of Dried soup mix:
Your leadership has put together the right mix on our committee. Thanks!

Small Hair Spray:
Thanks for helping us get things under control.

Small Flashlight:
Your leadership helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Homemade Goodies:
Thank you. Here are your just desserts!

Glue Stick:
Thanks for sticking to the job till it was done.

Air Freshener:
Thanks for the fresh ideas.

Pause and Reflect

Many thanks to Tiger (aka Dooreen) Rousseau for posting this idea to the WAGGGS-L Mailing List! She writes:

"Here is something positive that I did at a Brunch we had when I was District Commissioner.

Everyone received a cracker - you know, the ones you get at Christmas, pull the ends and it "cracks" open and cute trashy stuff flies out. I made my own crackers - toilet paper rolls covered in tissue paper I had stamped with a potato with blue trefoils as a design. I purchased the cracker strips from White Rose and with the strip I also included the following items..."

A piece of string, lemon candy, a piece of blank paper, a paper clip, a band-aid, a small rock, a pennant (toothpick and paper), a match, a small candle, yellow stars and a blue star

Once everyone had the cracker opened and collected the items that flew into their neighbours plate, read this:

Pause and Reflect

Use this kit to pause and reflect on the wealth of gifts you are giving through Guiding.

Of course, everyone said they wanted a copy and I gave each of them a scroll rolled up and tied with coloured ribbon, according to the unit they represented, and attached was a little lace hat with ribbon, flower and pearl attached. A good "keeper" craft.

Thank-You Poem

And here's another great idea from Jane Maddin, who wrote:

"I thought I would share a poem that the Deputy District Commissioner dropped off for each of our Pathfinder Unit's Guiders tonight. It is attached to a bag containing, a match, a birthday candle, an elastic, a paperclip, a Band-Aid, a hard candy and a button.":

It's that time to pause and reflect
And look at the year in retrospect.

A problem or two arose here and there
Not one went unconquered because you care.
You gave your best to the world of Girl Guides,
Our "promise" upheld with a strong sense of pride.

But maybe, just maybe, you grew rather weary,
And wondered if you could remain bright and cheery.
If so... open this packet, it's a small compensation
For damages done, use without reservation.

The Band-Aid you use to heal the small hurt
If someone to you got a little bit curt.
The match you then strike up, this friendship renew,
Touch the match to the candle, let more light shine through.
And why the rubber band, you're ready to ask,
Flexibility and giving it means, for each task.

Next, a small paper clip is in this bag too.
"Together" it keeps it all for you.
The candy... you guessed it... is to sweeten your day.
'Cause we know you'll keep sharing your love through May.

Whether leader, committee member, or one who consults,
You are ever concerned to get best results.
With thanks, many thanks, [District/Division name here] bursts with pride,
The button we popped is contained inside.
Now keep or use this survival kit small,
And we hope to see you back in the fall!

Thank you for being a leader!

Survival Kit for Camp Leaders

Thanks very much to Edie Jubenville, who e-mailed this great idea to me!

After a particularly rainy District camp, the following survival kits were presented to each Guider who attended as a thank you. The kits were packaged in those great General Foods International Coffee cans, spray painted blue. Inside were included the following items:

The kits were topped by an edible campfire on the lid.

Survival Kit for District Commissioners

Here's another great idea posted to the Guide Mailing List by "L & M" (sorry I don't have your full name!)... She wrote:

"A few years ago when I was deputy division commissioner I presented these to the district commissioners. I put everything in a flower pot, wrapped it with blue tissue and tied it with gold ribbon. I added the tag "Guiding Keeps us all Growing - a Survival Kit for District Commissioners" Each item was wrapped (if necessary) in saran wrap and the tag added. I am sure you could add many different items. Please send me suggestions. They were fun to make up and fun to give...."

Survival Kit for New Guiders

This idea was also submitted to the WAGGGS-L Mailing List by Tiger (aka Dooreen) Rousseau. Thanks again! This time she wrote:

"Here is a Survival Kit I either give out to leaders on enrolment or I give them a list of items and they bring them in and during enrolment I have them hold them up and give the explanation. The girls really love to see their leaders go through the paces, much like they do. Again, I can't remember where I read this, so someone else gets the credit..."

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