Guide Enrolment Ceremony (v.2)

Wow! Thanks very much to Michele Buchanan, who posted this wonderful ceremony to the Guiding Mailing List!

Source: Mary-Etta Barclay, 24th Guelph Guides.

Have the chairs lining the room for the parents. A table on the side will have candles to represent the Promise and candles for each of the girls making their Promise.

Call the girls to order, march into Horseshoe and present the Colours. After "O Canada" is sung, the Horseshoe closes into a campfire and the leaders join the group.

Leader: Could everyone please take their chairs and find a place around the outside of the circle to sit.

Lights are dimmed and the campfire opening song "Fire's Burning" is sung.

Leader: We would like to welcome everyone here tonight. (Introduce the special guests and then all of the leaders.) Our Special Guests tonight are: (name the Guiders) and all of our families and friends.

2nd year Guide: All of us here play a part in the Guiding days of each new Guide, who will make her Promise tonight. We have chosen to use the fire building skills that we learn in Guides to represent the many aspects of the Program and the people that keep the flame of Guiding glowing around the world.

Another 2nd year Guide: A fire must always be built on safe ground and kept secure. The Guide Law gives us a secure base upon which to build our Guiding days and all the days of our life.

The third year girls place seven rocks in a circle to form a campfire ring. The Guide Laws are repeated as each rock is placed.

Guider: Our new girls bring the tinder to our fire, eager to catch the spark that will light their way in Guides. Some come ready to build on experiences and knowledge gained in Brownie days. Some come to discover and share the fun and activities of friends and classmates already in Guides.

A pine cone is placed in the centre of the rock circle by each new girl, along with a strip of paper with one of the following words printed in large letters on it. These words are symbolic of the girls' time as Brownies, and why they have joined Guiding. As each new girl places their paper in among the pinecones, she says the appropriate line:

Leader: It is our responsibility to see that each spark is kindled. What can help keep this fire going?

2nd and 3rd year Guides place a number of sturdy twigs onto the campfire. Each twig has a paper taped to it with an appropriate word or phrase:

Leader: Now our fire is flaming, full of enthusiasm and desire. How can we make it last and last? We need the fuel that will keep it burning steady and long. We as Guides need the adult support that our leaders and parents can provide.

The leaders place a number of "logs" onto the fire. The logs are paper towel rolls wrapped in brown paper. On each log is written ways in which leaders, parents and other resource people can help the Unit:

3rd year Guide: Together we can all tend and nurture our Guiding fire, a good basis for the Fire of Life.

Another 3rd year Guide: (said while the 3rd year Guides are lighting three candles to represent the Promise) We light these candles to remind us of the Promise. When we try to keep our Guide Promise we are helping make this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else.

(Walk back to the horseshoe) One Patrol at a time, each Patrol Leader will come forward with her Tenderfoots and face the Guiders for the enrolment.

Patrol Leader: I present (name all the girls to be enrolled from the Patrol), who have passed their Tenderfoot test and wish to be enrolled as Guides. (Patrol leader steps back one step but remains where she is.)

District Commissioner: Do you know the Guide Law and have you considered what it means?

New Guides (repeat together): I know the Guide Law and I believe that I understand its meaning.

District Commissioner: Are you ready to make the Guide Promise?

New Guides (repeat together): Yes.

District Commissioner: Will you promise to do your best: to be true to yourself, your God or faith, and Canada, to help others, and accept the Guide Law?

New Guides (repeat together making the Guide Sign): I promise to do my best to be true to myself, my God/faith, and Canada, I will help others, and accept the Guiding Law.

District Commissioner: I trust you will keep this Promise and try to do Good Turns wherever you are.

New Guides receive Enrolment pins and certificates, shake hands with all the Guiders, and walk back to their places in the horseshoe. When all Guides are enrolled, sing "On My Honour". You can then break for goodies, or continue with the rest of a campfire, or both! At the end of the evening, gather to sing Taps, and to thank everyone for coming.

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