Pathfinder Advancement Ceremony Without Canada Cord

Thanks very much to Wendy Baker, who wrote this ceremony and shared it with the Guiding Mailing List. It is meant to be used in the situation where you have a Pathfinder advancing to Sr. Branches who did not earn her Canada Cord, for whatever reason.

Leader 1: Gifts are often given to mark special occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. Today on this special occasion, we challenge you remember all the gifts Girl Guiding has given you - the chance to provide service to  others, a better understanding of your own values, the opportunity to develop as an individual, and a bond of sisterhood with friends old and new.

Leader 2: We wish to give you other gifts today, we hope that you may use them well and accept the challenge that each represents. (hands out bag)

Pathfinder 1: Accept the challenge the flower represents - to grow and blossom.

Pathfinder 2: Accept the challenge the mirror represents - to see yourself as others see you and smile.

Pathfinder 3: Accept the challenge the bandanna represents - to remember its versatility and you will always "Be Prepared".

Pathfinder 4: Accept the challenge the star represents - to keep reaching for the stars.

Pathfinder 5: Accept the challenge the bubbles represent to make the most of every moment, for some things disappear all too soon.

Pathfinder 6: Accept the challenge the candle represents - to share the warmth of your spirit with our world.

Pathfinder 7: Accept the challenge this special bracelet represents - to always remind you of the fun you had at Pathfinders.

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