A Reading for Thinking Day

Another great big thank-you to Wendy Baker!

For sixty-five years, Guides and Scouts around the world have celebrated Thinking Day on February 22, the joint birthdays of Olave and Robert Baden Powell. Every boy and girl is encouraged to think of their brothers and sisters in other countries. to participate in activities that expand their international horizons, and to contribute financially to the Canadian World Friendship Fund.

As we worship together today, and as we go forth after for Cub car Rally and a Spark, Brownie, Guide, Pathfinder, Ranger Rally we are meeting a fun challenging Thinking Day.

The Guide and Scouting Movements provide its members with a unique opportunity to establish relations with girls of similar age and interest in many different countries across the world. Thinking Day not only is an occasion for Girl Guides and Boy Scouts to celebrate these International links, but also challenges them to learn more about the other countries in which Guides and Scouts live.

Lord Baden-Powell's goal was to establish a permanent peace between all peoples and he felt that in order to achieve this permanent peace all the peoples of the world would need a total change of spirit and a closer mutual understanding of others less fortunate than themselves. Through Scouting and Guiding he tried to instil these ideals in the young people. We as the leaders of today still gave this same goal to instil global understanding and peace.

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