Digital Contract

I learned this game at the 2006 OCA Director's Conference, at a session titled “I Just Can't Get Enough - Adventure/Experiential Education in Staff Training", led by Travis Allison and Adam Brown.

This activity uses the 5 fingers of the hand to illustrate expectations of behavior:

Little Finger: it's small and therefore easily hurt. It reminds us to avoid hurting others. (Ask: what kinds of hurt are there? What can we do to avoid hurt? What can we do to be safe?)

Ring finger: represents commitment. (What is commitment?) Commit yourself to participating in some way. Stay with the group, give your best.

Middle Finger: reminds us that put downs are not allowed. Respect each other & yourself. (Can you think of a better way to communicate than put-downs?)

Index Finger: you have responsibility within the group. Give Feedback, reflect on the experience you are sharing. How will this benefit you and the group in the future?

Thumb: "Thumbs up" means encouragement. (What’s important about encouragement? How does it benefit us?)

After discussing the symbolism of each finger, all participants shake hands to “seal” the contract.

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