I Am Loving And Caring (IALAC)

Thank you to Wendy Baker for posting this idea to the Guiding Mailing List!

Give everyone a construction paper heart to rip up, read the story below to the girls, and rip a piece off the heart as you read the "bad" parts.

I Am Loving And Caring

It was a bright sunny morning. "A great day for a birthday", thought Patty as she jumped out of bed. Then she remembered her mother's words from the night before, "I know and you know, but keep reminding yourself; I Am Loving and Caring!" Patty beamed at the thought!

She raced down the hall and started down the stairs. She was in such a hurry that she missed the last stair and fell down the last step. "You're so clumsy!" laughed her sister and Patty didn't feel so happy. (Rip!)

She limped into the kitchen and sat down for breakfast - her favourite; Rice Krispies and bananas. But disaster wasn't far away! When she poured the milk, it hit the side of the bowl and splashed across the table. "Must you be so sloppy!?" grumbled Father as he rescued his newspaper from the milk. Patty's face fell a bit more. (Rip!)

"Never mind," said Mother, "Eat up so you won't be late for school. It's picture day, isn't it?" And with that happy thought in mind, Patty brightened up. She finished her breakfast, grabbed her backpack and ran for the door. "Patty, your lunch!" called Mother, and under her breath said, "She's so forgetful!" just as Patty reached to take her lunch from her mother's hand. Patty's scowl told her mother she had heard the comment. (Rip!)

Patty turned and ran out the door. She could hear the bus approaching so she hurried to the end of the driveway. Unfortunately they both arrived at the same time - Patty skidding to a stop beside the mud puddle just as the bus splashed into it. As Patty climbed onto the bus, dripping water and sporting mud splots, how the children laughed! (Rip!)

The teacher did her best to clean the mud off Patty, but by then Patty didn't really seem to care. "Maybe she'll perk up if we sing 'Happy Birthday' to her", thought the teacher. And for a few minutes is seemed to work, until some of the boys sang out, "Happy Birthday, Polka-Dot Patty!" (Rip!) It didn't help to remind herself that she was really "Loving and Caring" - she was covered with mud, clumsy, forgetful and still had her school picture to be taken!

Well, she made it through the day, even though the photographer called her "a grubby little street urchin!" (Rip!) and she finally got home to her home and family.

They greeted her with balloons and birthday cake. And right in the middle of eating her caramel cream cake, the filling came out of Patty's tooth. "Oh, no", said Father, "there goes another fifty bucks!" "It's all my fault", though Patty. (Rip!) As she wandered off to bed. "I may be loving and caring but that sure is outweighed by everything else!" It was a sad Patty that went to sleep that night. Let's hope tomorrow will be MUCH better!

Discussion will probably ensue.


I Am Loving And Caring...
from the Thousand Islands!

Thanks to Mona Londraville for sharing this great idea with the Guiding Mailing List!

Each Guider in the unit strings 5 pony beads on pieces of yarn, 1 bead for each word of "I Am Loving And Caring." The Guiders wear these necklaces until they see a girl doing something caring for someone else. Without ceremony or fuss, the Guider then removes their IALAC necklace and places it about the girl's neck. This girl was now expected to pass the IALAC on to another person she "caught" doing something loving or caring (this having been explained to everyone beforehand).

It is difficult sometimes to catch the girls "being good"! With this idea, however, it wasn't just the leaders watching, it was everyone. And with everyone watching, you get caught being good a lot more often!

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