Working With Girls With Special Needs

We've all had girls in our units who have special learning needs and challenges. As a teacher and a Guider, I've worked with kids with ADHD, Aspergers syndrome, Down syndrome, dyslexia, autism, and much more. I've taken girls to camp in wheelchairs and walkers. I've had girls who are blind and deaf. All of these girls need Guiding too - and Guiders who know how to deal with their special needs.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Bev Spillane, who sent me the following three compilations of extremely helpful information on working with girls with special needs. All of this information was originally collected and posted by Katie Baron to the Scouting Links Newsletter back in 2003. These files will download to your computer as PDF documents, and you will need the Adobe Reader to open and view them. This program can be downloaded for free from

Special Needs Newsletter - Part 1

Special Needs Newsletter - Part 2

Special Needs Newsletter - Part 3

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