Sipping Cider Through a Straw
(to the tune of "The Littlest Worm")
(leader sings a line, everyone repeats; at the end of each verse the whole group sings the verse again together)

Thanks very much to Nora McColl, who e-mailed me this song!

The cutest guy
I ever saw
Was sipping ci-der
Through a straw.

I asked him if
He'd show me how
To sip that ci-der
Through a straw.

Then cheek to cheek
And jaw to jaw
We sipped that ci-der
Through a straw.

Every now and then
The straw would slip
And we'd sip ci-der
Lip to lip.

The parson came
To my backyard
A-sipping ci-der
From a straw.

And now I have
A mother-in-law
And fourteen kids
To call me Ma.

The moral of
This little tale
Is sip your ci-der
From a pail!