Guide Law Song (New Law)
(words and music by Brandis Purcell)
(source: "Celebrate With Song", Girl Guides of Canada, 1995.)

I challenge myself with the Guiding Law
To be honest and true
To be wise in the use of resources I have
To respect myself and others too
To know and to use my gifts and skills
To protect our common world
Live with courage and strength
And to share in the joys
Of the Guiding sisterhood!

La Loi Guide

La Loi Guide m'invite d'etre honnete,
Digne de confiance;
D'utiliser mes ressources avec sagesse;
Me respecter, respecter les autres;
Connairtre et utiliser mes talents;
Proteger l'environnement;
Etre forte et courageuse,
Partager dans la joie
L'amitie de mes soeurs Guides.