This one, simple piece of material can make a huge difference to your camping experience, regardless of where you're camping or during what season of the year. Here is a fabulous little story explaining how useful bandanas can really be, followed by a number of fun tricks you can do with bandanas.

All these great ideas were submitted to the WAGGGS-L Mailing List by Nancy Woitynek of Green Hills Council, Freeport, IL. Thanks very much!

Little Red Riding Hood

(note: throughout the story there are references to things you can do with a bandana. It is really effective to demonstrate as you go!)

Once upon a time there was a little girl named "Little Red Riding Hood". She was called that because she always wore a red bandana on her head when she was in the woods. This protected her from things falling out of the trees like bugs and tics, etc. (demonstrate)

Little Red loved to go to visit her grandma who lived on the other side of the forest. She would often wrap up her lunch in a bandana and eat on the way. Sometimes she found berries to take to grandma. She carried these in her bandana tied to a stick.

On hot summer days, Little Red would stop by the creek. She would soak her bandana and wipe her face with it to cool her off. Then she would place it around her neck to cool off her whole body.

In the winter when she had a cold, Little Red used her bandana for a handkerchief. She knew all about using resources wisely. Instead of paper towels, she would dry her hands with her bandana. She used it instead of a napkin. She used it as a washrag to clean her dishes (always remembering to wash it afterward).

One day, Little Red was on her way to visit Grandma who was ill. Unknown to her, the mean old wolf was there ahead of her, waiting to catch her. Little Red stopped to pick some flowers for Grandma. She wrapped them up in her damp bandana to keep them fresh.

She knocked on the door. Grandma said, "Come in, dear." (You know this part.)

When the wolf jumped up to get her, Little Red wound up her bandana, and gave him a swat right on the nose! He ran out the door, right into the woodsman, who made sure that the wolf would never bother Little Red again.

Little Red and the woodsman became good friends. They would dine in the forest, using the bandana for a tablecloth. They had romantic dinners by candlelight (see bandana candle instructions). After some time, they got married.

In a couple of years, they had two wonderful children (baby instructions). Little Red and her woodsman entertained them with dancing dolls (see instruction) and jumping mice (see instructions). Little Red even painted the back of her bandana like a checkerboard so that the children would always have a game to play anywhere they went.

Bandana Candles

Fold bandana in half diagonally. Place point away from you. Fold up long side about 2". Fold again. Repeat until point is covered. Starting at one end, roll up tightly. Tuck in loose ends. Gently pull up in the very middle of the roll. You should have a "flame". This is a great centerpiece for Brownies.

Babies in a Hammock

Fold diagonally. Place points away from you. Call the top point A and the bottom point B. Roll left edge into the center. Roll right edge into the center. Fold bottom of rolls up toward the points. Holding the rolls, carefully pull point B downward to form the hammock. Flip the babies over to point C. Holding both points, rock the babies.

Dancing Dolls

Tie a small knot in two adjacent corners. Tie a knot in the center of the top hem. K-------K-------K Hold bottom two corners and spin until you have a very tight roll. Hold both corners in one hand (these are the legs), grab the head (center knot), and pull tightly. Then let go of one leg. The dancer should spin around and maybe even kick.

Jumping Mice

This takes a little patience. Fold diagonally. Place points away from you. Fold in side point to the middle. Fold up bottom edge one inch. Smooth. Fold again and smooth. Make a third fold and smooth. Turn the handkerchief over horizontally. Bring both sides into the center. Turn the bottom up one fold. Turn points down and tuck in the space between the fold and the side rolls. Pick up the roll. Slip your thumbs into the slot underneath. Holding it firmly, turn it inside out. Turn it inside out again. Once more. The head and tail should pop out. You can tie knots to make ears if you want.

To make him jump - Lay the mouse in the palm of your left hand with the head pointing up your arm. Curve your fingers so that they touch the roll. Cover the mouse with a stroking motion. As you do this, push up with your left fingers to make the mouse move.

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