Camping Trivial Pursuit

Thanks very much to Wendy Baker, who shared this great game with me!

Equipment Required:

Game Board - board from a Trivial Pursuit Game
Pair of Dice
Four markers
Four sets tent pieces, (six pieces per tent), cut from cardstock and colour co-ordinated (these take the place of the pie pieces in Trivial Pursuit).
Question cards - colour co-ordinated

To Play: The rules are the same as for Trivial Pursuit except the girls play in teams of two. There are lots of answers to most of the questions, so it is a co-operative answering system - be ready to accept any answer that is well-thought out and demonstrates knowledge of the concepts being covered. Remember that the purpose of the game is to foster discussion. The main difference is that instead of collecting pieces of pie, the girls collect pieces to make a tent. Whichever team builds their tent first wins the game!

There are six categories:

Program - orange
Equipment - green
Weather - yellow
Duties - red
Menu - blue
Packing - purple

Program Questions (print on orange paper):

If it is raining hard when you have scheduled your hike, what else can you do at that time? Lunch takes twice as long to cook, eat and clean up, you missed your scheduled rest time, what should you do? What is a Guides own?
If you go on a hike at camp, name two things you should do before you leave the campsite? One item you should carry with you on a hike. If you have poison ivy at your camp, what precautions should you take?
Should the team leader plan all the activities herself? Why should "lights out" be strictly adhered to? Why is it important to keep on schedule?
Who plans campfire? When you arrive at a campground, what is the first thing you should do? Why is a theme a good way to start program planning?
Describe a scavenger hunt you could play while at camp. What is a wide game? Why is a schedule important for smooth running of a camp?
How do you clean up and rehabilitate a campfire circle? What type of song should begin and end a campfire? What form(s) must be completed before you go camping?
What knots are used during a flag raising ceremony? Describe a service activity your group could complete at your camp. Name five items that should be part of a first aid kit.

  Equipment Questions (print on green paper):

What is a dining fly? What is a pie iron? Why do you soap the bottom of your pots and pans?
Name one use for duct tape. Why would you need a shovel at camp?  Describe how to make a box oven.
What is the best kind of cutting board? What could you use a bungi cord for? Why do you need pails at camp?
Which dishpan has bleach in it? Why do you rake under picnic tables after meals? Name one item found in a patrol box.
Name three things needed for LAT cleaning. Why are "J" cloths better than dish cloths? How many dish pans do you need for proper dishwashing at camp?
What is a swish bottle? Name four things you need to put up a tent. You planned spaghetti and forgot a strainer, what else can you use?
You brought the camp stove, what else do you need to prepare dinner? Describe how to safely light a propane or gas camp stove. Describe how to light a propane or gas lantern.

Weather Questions (print on yellow paper):

How many days before camp should you check the weather forecast? What is a windsock used for? A really bad storm is predicted for camp weekend. What should you do?
True or False: "Red sky at night, sailors delight" foretells  that it will be a nice day tomorrow. True or False: If you come to camp prepared for rain, you can still have a good time. True or False: Towering cumulus clouds mean a thunderstorm is coming.
True or False: Weather patterns usually come in from the east. True or False: "Horses tails and fishes scales" in the cloud formations mean rain and wind.  Finish this line: "If the dew is on the grass, rain will surely_____ to ______."
Finish this line: "Rain before 7, clear by __________." True or False: To minimize your risk of being struck by lightning, you should crouch down on the balls of your feet, wrapping your arms around your knees. Can you check the weather forecast on the computer?
What website could you use to check the weather forecast in the city/town where you will be camping? Where can you check for your local weather forecast? Do you do anything different with your tent during stormy weather?
In the case of rainy and windy weather, on which side of the tent would you loosen the guy lines?    

Duty Questions (print on red paper):

Why do you air out your sleeping bag? What are the duties if you are on Campfire Duty? What is a Quarter Master?
When should a flag be taken down? When you finish making a woodpile, what should you do to it? When you finish making a tripod, what do you use it for?
Describe how to make a tripod. How do you make a spit pit? True or False: Tidy Tent Duty should be the responsibility of all who sleep in that tent.
Describe the three basin dish washing system. What would your duties be if you were on Colours? Describe how to clean an LDU.
Name two items you need to clean the lats. What do the letters L. D. U. stand for? Name one duty you do if you are on Wood and Water.
What is a wash tent used for? What is a duty chart? It's raining! What do you do first - Put on your raingear, cover the woodpile, or put your bedrolls in the tent?
What is a fuzz stick? If you are peeling potatoes what do you do with the peels?  

Menu Questions (print on blue paper)

Describe how to make eggs in a paper bag. How can you make toast at camp? Name two of the six ingredients in bannock.
What are the 3 "B's" of life in camp according to "Scouting for Boys"? Approximately how many scoops of ice cream are in one gallon? How many people can be served one dried soup mix package?
True or False: Three tomato slices make one serving. Is one large cereal box better than a multi-pack of cereal? Describe how to make banana boats.
Name one dehydrated lightweight food you can buy at the grocery store. What is GORP? What are the four things you need to make s'mores.
How many portions of milk or milk products should you have each day? Where should you store your food at camp? Why do you need a spatula for dish washing?
True or False: Leftovers can only be left at room temperature for 2 hours. True or False: Ground beef should be cooked until internal temp reaches 160 degrees F. True or False: Fruits and vegetables should be eaten as purchased.
Are the best cutting boards are made of wood or plastic? How many people will 5 pounds of potatoes serve if one serving is pound? What is bannock?
What are the four food groups you should you use when planning your menus?    

Packing Questions (print on purple paper):

Why can't you wear sleeveless tops at camp? Why is cord or string on a packing list? Why are light coloured clothes better than dark?
What is a sit-upon? Why do you put your dishes in a mesh bag? How do you waterproof a sleeping bag?
Name one thing you can't bring to camp, and explain why. What is a ground sheet used for? You don't own raingear and you can't afford to buy any right now. What do you do?
How many pairs of socks do you need for a weekend camp? Name 3 items in a mess kit. You packed you air mattress but forgot your pump. What do you do?
You need a flashlight and extra what? Why are blue jeans not a good choice for wear at camp? Why do you need to wear a hat?
Why do we change clothes before going to bed? Why do leaders not want radios at camp? Why should you pack you winter coat for summer camp?
Why should you label all your belongings? Should you pack sunscreen for winter camp? Describe how to properly pack a bag that you will have to carry some distance at camp.

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