Cootie Bedroll

Thanks to Ann Richey, who posted this great idea to the Guiding Mailing List.

Demonstrate a proper bedroll first. Split the group into teams.

Each team has a dice (I made big ones out of cubes of foam and put the dots on with Sharpie markers)

1 spot = ground sheet
2 spot = sleeping bag
3 spot = p.j.'s and toque
4 spot = extra blanket/pillow
5 spot = roll up
6 spot = rope & tie-off

The girls work as a team and roll the dice. They cannot do a step in bedroll prep until the spot has been rolled i.e. the team MUST roll a one first, then cannot do the next step until a two is rolled, etc.

Makes for lots of jumping an screaming when a few teams are trying to win.

Of course - acknowledgement of the winner is essential.

Then the girls proceed to complete their own if they have brought all the proper gear.


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