Patrol Box Kit List

The Patrol Box is a staple item in many Guide, Pathfinder and Sr. Branch units all over the country. The box contains everything you'll need for cooking at camp - as long as you're not planning a wilderness trek, that is! :-)

I have seen a number of different containers turned into patrol boxes - for example large Rubbermaid tubs, plastic garbage cans, and wooden boxes. Of these I prefer the Rubbermaid tubs. It is easiest to stack items in a square space, and the tubs are not nearly as heavy (even when empty!) as a wooden box of the same size. The plastic tubs also fairly waterproof.

In your patrol box you should have:

3 pots and lids
frying pan
griddle and handle
muffin pan
3 basins
juice container and lid
milk jug
2 mixing bowls
measuring cup/spoons
cutting board
salt & pepper shakers
oven mitt
turning fork
slotted spoon
large spoon
wooden spoon
paring knife
cutting knife
can opener
bottle opener
bag for utensils (optional)
tent brush and dustpan

I have also made up a wash kit for each patrol, which I include in the patrol box (mostly so I won't forget it...). It is a fabric bag that contains:

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