Great Games for your Guides (and Sparks, Brownies, Pathfinders, Rangers and Leaders too!)

Here is a selection of my favourite games to play with girls of all ages:

Back-Pocket Games, Part One: A selection of fast, easy, active games to fill those little gaps in your unit meetings or camps. Suitable for everyone!

Back-Pocket Games, Part Two: OK, now that your girls are all revved up, here are a number of easy, quiet, sitting-down type games to settle everyone down again.

Canoe Games: The games in this section are all designed to help teach important canoeing skills. Suitable for Guiders as well as girls!

Chicken Games: These completely ridiculous games are perfect as icebreakers or any other time you want to be as silly as possible. All you need is a rubber chicken and your imagination!

Compass Games: Compass games suitable for Guide aged girls and up.

Cooperative Games: Great for all ages but some may require a bit of modification for the younger girls.

Ecological Games: Teach your girls about how nature works in a fun, active way.

First Aid Games: Here are some great games to start teaching your girls about first aid.

Guiding Promise, Law and History Games: A collection of activities you can use to help teach these important concepts to your girls.

Icebreakers: Perfect for the beginning of camp or for introducing new members: leaders as well as girls!

International Games: A selection of games played by kids in countries around the world.

Inuit Games: Traditional games played by Inuit children in Canada's Arctic.

Kim's Games: Wow! There are endless versions of this game... here are a few of them.

Knot Games: Here are some fun ways to teach your girls about knots.

Logic Games: Mind-twisting little games to try with your girls... can you figure out what the "secret" is?

Minute Mysteries: These go along nicely with the Logic Games to tease your mind!

Night Games: suitable for Guide age (9-12) and up.

Night Manoeuvres: Cool! suitable for girls of Pathfinder age (12-14) and up.

Participation Stories: Collected together from all over my website, here are all sorts of fun, active stories to try with your girls.

Relay Races: Most of these fall in the 30-second category but I have so many that I decided they deserved their own page.

Scavenger Hunts: A category of games that I'm terrible at creating but love to play!

Survival Games for Pathfinders: These games are designed to teach girls some very important survival skills, and cover a number of challenges in the Pathfinder program.

Tag Games: Timeless games whose main point, I believe, is to burn off excess energy.

Water For Tomorrow Games: Here are some great activities which could be used towards earning the WAGGGS Water Badge and other water-themed challenges.

Wide Games and Stalking Games: Mostly suitable for Guide aged girls and up.

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