Water Wonders Bingo

Wow! An extra huge thank-you to Winifred McGee, a leader with Girl Scout Troop 1290 in Hershey, PA, for posting this game to the Guide Mailing List! I think it's great!

Each girl gets a bingo sheet like the one reproduced below. Then the girls must get other Guides or leaders to sign off on squares which identifies something water-friendly that that person does. First girl with a complete card wins!

Tries to conserve water in the home Knows a female scientist Uses salt when bringing a pot of water to boil Has taken science classes in school Has been inside a greenhouse
Enjoys gardening Has made her own bubble solution Has visited a water treatment plant Has been water-skiing Has been on a sailboat
Has been to Niagara Falls Knows someone in a water-related career FREE SPACE Does not let the water run while washing dishes Drinks seltzer water
Does not let the water run when brushing teeth Has been to the Ocean Can name all five oceans Has taken swimming lessons Likes to do science activities with her troop
Drinks 6-8 glasses of water every day Has used a well Has experienced a drought season Knows how clouds are formed Can do the


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