Oil Spill Game

Thanks very much to my friend Susan Lait, who shared this idea with me!

Divide the girls into small groups - about four works best. Each group gets:

1 pie plate/bowl/basin/etc. of water (the "ocean")
1 cup with a small amount of dish detergent
1 empty cup
1-2 paper napkins (serviettes)
1-2 small sponges
1-2 drinking straws
A leader pours an "oil spill" (darkly coloured oil, eg. olive oil, looks best) onto each group's "ocean".  The group's task is to clean up the spill.  For older girls, you can have leaders be "weather" (blowing through a straw = wind, a water gun = rain), interfering with the girls' progress. After a set period of time, have the girls get together to discuss what did or didn't work for them.  It gives them a whole new understanding of how difficult it really is to clean up an oil spill.


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