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Canadian Councils and Areas

Girl Guides of Canada: Home page of our National Organization.

Provincial Councils
British Columbia
Alberta (also covers Yukon and Northwest Territories)
Ontario (also covers Nunavut)
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland and Labrador
Prince Edward Island

International Links

The Official WAGGGS Website: The official homepage of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. This is also THE site to check out for the most exhaustive list of Member countries and links to their Organizations' official web pages.

World Centre Websites
Our Cabana
Pax Lodge
Our Chalet

American Girl Scouts ('cause I spent time hanging out with the Girl Scouts in South Carolina)

Girl Guides Australia ('cause I spent time all over OZ being hosted by the awesome ladies of Guides Australia)

Other Guiding (and Scouting) Links

Like my website, most of these pages are maintained by dedicated folks who are passionate about Guiding and Scouting. Most of these sites are not 'officially' affiliated with any particular Guiding or Scouting organization. If you're looking for an official website, check out the links further up on this page.

Design-It Inc.: Get custom-made patches and crests for your next Guiding event.

Global Scout Net: Very cool. Has tons and tons of links to other Guiding and Scouting-related sites, plus extensive archives. Also a searchable index.

GOTA (Guides On The Air): This is an annual event held on the weekend closest to Thinking Day each February, in which members of Guiding from all over the world get a chance to chat with each other over the ham radio system. If your group is interested in joining GOTA, this site tells you how to get involved.

Guiding and Girl Scouting Ceremonies

Girl Scout Ceremonies

The Guide Zone - You want more resources? This is the place!

Humorous Girl Scout Terms and Their Meanings

Insane Scouter: Tons of great Scouting and Guiding-related resources!

Inquiry Net: A huge database of Scouting resources.

Leader/Guider Cyber Council: Home of the Scouting File Cabinet resources and an online forum.

Leader's Landing (USA)

MacScouter: Songs, skits, camping information and more for Girl and Boy Scouts.

Olave Baden Powell The World Chief Guide: Great site for learning about the lady who helped to start it all.

Sarah's Girl Scout Haven: This site has some good resources, especially ceremonies.

Scouting Resources: Another great site full of Scouting resources and information.

World Guiding: While this is not an official WAGGGS site, it does have lots of information on Guiding and Scouting in countries around the world. A good resource for learning about the history, Promise and Law of other countries.

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