Barbie Challenge Night

Thanks to Barb Matheison, who sent me these ideas to share!

1) Barbie fashion show: The girls were given ten minutes to create an outfit for their Barbie using the materials supplied (we gave them a dollar store plastic tablecloth, some scissors and some tape).

2) Once Barbie was dressed, she went camping. The girls were asked to wrap and tie a bedroll for Barbie. This part was hilarious...we handed each girl an O.B. tampon which they unwrapped and used as the bedroll. They were given a 4"x4" piece of plastic and were told to make a proper bedroll. Once done, the bedrolls were dunked into a glass of water to see if they were water tight. The use of tampons created quite a stir with the girls... it opened up a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of tampons, it allowed girls who had never seen one before to actually open one and see what it was all about and it mostly brought about a lot of laughter!!

3) The girls then took their Barbie outside and made her an emergency shelter. They were given a piece of tinfoil as her emergency blanket and a 1'X1' piece of plastic and some string.

4) The girls were then given 2 tiny tinfoil muffin cups (1 inch in diameter), some toothpicks, a match and a mini marshmallow. They were to make a Barbie sized campfire in one of the cups using the toothpicks for fuel. The other cup was for their fire bucket of water. Everyone tried to roast a mini marshmallow on a toothpick in order to finish this challenge.

5) Zipcord Barbie: The girls taped a straw to the length of Barbie's back and then fed the straw through a long piece of string. Girls were also given a balloon to blow up and while holding the end closed, they had a partner tape it to Barbie's back. Two girls held the string taunt and the balloon end was released. Barbie's zipcorded down the string!

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