Pathfinder Fear Factor Day

Thanks very much to Carla Paddock, who posted the ideas for this great event to the Guiding Mailing List. She has given me permission to share them here.

This was a "Fear Factor" meets "Survivor" day that was done with the local Guides, Pathfinders and Senior Branches at an Area Day.
Some of the activities that we did:

Giant Crossword: points for each correct answer.

Sewer Soda: Each team was given the same number of glasses of sewer soda - points awarded for each empty cup.  Didn't matter who drank it - just wanted the empty cups. The recipe included ingredients like ice cream, club soda, chocolate syrup... it was awful!

Obstacle Course: There was a playground close by so they used it for this acitivty. One person had to start at point "A" and do a particular task, run to point "B" where the 2nd person would be waiting and then all go to "C" where person 3 was, etc., etc., until the whole team was moving together to the last challenge. There were obstacles to get over, bugs to pick up with your teeth (slimy toy bugs), knots, making a snowman...

Relay Race: One person from the team was the leader and she did not have a blindfold on. The rest of her team did. They all had to hold hands and the team leader then directed them around pylons to pick up bags full of gross stuff. They had to direct them back to the start line where they all remained blindfolded and tried to identify what was in each bag.

Worm Eating: Gummy worms dipped in honey (or corn syrup) and rolled in oreo cookie crumbs.  They honestly looked like worms in dirt! The girls were a little disgusted, but then wanted more. This wasn't a team challenge, but used as a bonus at the end!

Mud Dig: Each team had a HUGE bucket full of mud and in it were little blue cubes - they had to find as many as they could. There were also 5 orange cubes in the bucket - they were worth more points. We made sure the buckets were big enough that they would have to dig well past the elbow to find stuff. If you were caught just scooping mud into your pan with the hopes that you'd have cubes it was all dumped back into the bucket. 2 or 3 teams worked from one bucket. To get the people on the sidelines involved - each team had to recruit one adult (Guider, parent volunteer, whoever) to participate with their team!

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